Friday, February 8, 2008

Call of Duty

Ok, so anyone that knows me knows of my love for military hardware. I do enjoy shooting guns and appreciate the tactics of Sun Tzu and the Art of War. My son also enjoys playing XBox360... a lot! So it was not a surprise to him when I bought a copy of Call of Duty 4 for the 360. The only problem was that in earlier XBox games, I would develop motion sickness while playing any first person shooter games, so I was thinking ahead to motion sickness drugs etc.

Luckily, it turns out that I can mostly get used to it - I still get hot and sweaty, and perhaps a little dazed, but then again - wouldn't you when you're being shot at by a dozen terrorists with AKs and RPGs? Well, so what if those terrorists were actually being played by 8 and 9 year olds with reflexes born of the Millenial generation? Of course, it's doomsday in more than one way.

I have been playing XBox Live, trying to keep up with (ok, trying to climb up towards) my son's skill level. And XBox Live has these headsets that players can talk back and forth with online. Apparently, though, the "serious" players all have a private network that I don't get to hear - all I get to hear is the 10 year olds singing off-key or learning to cuss in new ways!

So although I do have fun learning, sometimes it's frustrating both in trying to re-map my reflexes and in playing against little kids that have never lifted a real M4 or fired a USP45, but can beat the crap out of me most of the time.

Anyway, just like always, I learn to adapt and grow.

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Tapestry said...

And you're so cute while you're learning!
And he does so enjoy watching you play. He was thrilled with the new name he heard while you were online - Rectal Ranger, I believe it was. :)
I never knew a teenager could be so patient! lol