Sunday, February 17, 2008

Maryland 82, Florida St. 72

The Terps men's basketball team won yesterday, so weekend sports was good. Apparently there was some kind of automobile race today also, but it didn't involve Porsche, Mercedes, or BMW, so I wasn't really interested.

Anyway, everyone's healing, and it was overall a very restful weekend. Even though it did involve playing lots of COD4 (which is relaxing and stressful, but fun). Luckily, I either played enough or am actually getting better, so I made it to my assigned level.

Let me explain. As you may know by now, my son is an avid Xbox 360 player, and having been so for years, he has considerably more COD skilz than I do. So before he left for his sperm donor's residence on Friday, he left me with an assignment to gain 2 levels in COD. I actually made it past the assigned level, so I even get a smile from him. If you knew him better, you'd understand how rare that is.

So I hope your weekend went well, and here's to a new week - the start of something new, like any week, right?

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