Thursday, March 20, 2008

Free Stuff - No, Really!

Ok, so I'm sure you've heard the commercials for getting free stuff from just trying out different offers. Now it's my turn to see if they're really true - and if they are, you get to benefit from it too!

So here goes - just go to this link, signup, and try an offer. Please note that it's one signup per person, per household address, and they do check IP addresses.

It's really very simple - advertisers are relying less and less on TV ads since they've become so expensive, and blogging, web advertising, word of mouth, etc. is so much cheaper. So basically, if you become an advertiser for a service, say - (the USPS software where you can print off your own postage from your home PC) - they'll send you an Xbox 360 or cash through Paypal.

For, you don't even have to pay anything when you try it out - just use it for 3 weeks and cancel and you won't have to pay a dime. You even get $5 worth of free postage to use during that time period. I installed my software today and put an event on my calendar for 22 days from now to call them up and cancel my account before it costs me anything.

Anyway, please do try this, use, or Blockbusteronline, or Gamefly (if you're into video games), and get a couple friends to try one and we'll see if it really comes through. If it does - I'll help you with your's! Just go there from this link, register with your email address, and follow one of the offer links (go to the most popular offers link) to a level A service (like I did) or 50 pts worth of level B services (smaller offers). Thanks!

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