Monday, March 10, 2008


OK, being low on money is a crappy feeling, but being low on money because your house is been on the market for over a year and having to make 4 mortgage payments is a crappier feeling. But hopefully, help is on the way - the new house is getting a new, nicer 2nd mortgage and some much needed cash out. And the conventional 30 year mortgage limits (i.e. the jumbo limit) has been raised substantially from $417k to over $700k, so many more buyers will be eligible for loans that can cover the price of my old house. Hopefully these 2 things will make more buyers come look at the house and perhaps we could even see a few offers come in.

Anyway, far more importantly, imports of this new rifle, the GSG-9, are now coming in - and I want one! It's essentially a .22 caliber version of the H&K MP5A2, with 22 round magazines and the possibility of a suppressed version directly from Gemtech. So it's considerably cheaper to both own and operate than the real deal - and I'm sure it's fun to shoot, just ask Tapestry about the real thing - she had fun shooting it!

So anyone going to come with me to the big gun show in Harrisburg, PA, next weekend? I'll buy dinner.

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Tapestry said...

Well, I'd love to go with you - but I don't know if you needed to know that or not - I'm thinking that was already understood!

Perhaps some of our friends will join us!