Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Into the Wild

I'm not sure why it touched me so deeply - perhaps since it's made to, it doesn't matter. Anyway, after watching Sean Penn's "Into the Wild" tonight, I think back to times when my parents would argue about trivial (to me) things and wonder how much different my life would've been if I'd been so self-centered as to slough off the trials and responsibilities of life and go find a path of my own.

It's not that my path hasn't been my own by choice, but no one can argue that they are continually shaped by those around them. We are everyday challanged, molded, influenced, and ultimately changed - for better or worse - by the people and things around us. Everyday events - if only from our own perspective - become turning points in each of our lives.

Perhaps it's just as a rotary switch on an old TV, but this time for my memory or consciousness, that tunes these thoughts in. Or perhaps it's just reflections of a short day and a long movie.

Anyway, I hope you watch the movie and enjoy it for what it is - a celebration and dedication to the journal and life of Christopher J. McCandlish.

If you're interested in the author's original article that paved the way to the movie, go here - from Outside Magazine.

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