Sunday, December 7, 2008

XDM Goodness

So when I bought my USP Tactical several years ago (used), I had the intention of getting a suppressor for it as well. Time went by, and living in the suburbs of DC left me few opportunities to shoot outdoors where I could enjoy not using hearing protection or the ability to shoot in my backyard. It seemed to me that a .45 was an ideal caliber to be suppressed given that the standard 230 grain loads are usually subsonic as it is, so you're just suppressing the escaping gasses and not slowing down a supersonic bullet.

So now that I do live out in the boonies, I don't have the money for a suppressor, and given that firearms are usually pretty good investments, I can get about as much for it as I bought it for and buy something new that I'll shoot more often (I'll still have my USP 45 which I enjoy shooting!).

Something in the 9mm range seemed like a good idea - I have a carbine in 9mm and Tapestry has an XD9 that I also enjoy shooting. Now Springfield-Armory has made improvements to their already popular pistol. Adding a match-grade barrel, a short-reset trigger, and improved grip (backstraps for different sized hands) are all nice additions to an outstanding pistol (an extra 3 rounds in the magazine doesn't hurt either).

Anyway, just figured I'd share my thoughts before I went ahead and sold my .45, and I hope everyone enjoys a shooting sport this week!

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Tapestry said...

You know it's really sexy when you talk gun-stuff, don't you?
(I bet that's why you do it!) *blush*