Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So I Had a Bad Day

Normally, I take great care to keep my cool and not sweat the little things. However, yesterday proved to be a little much. The rent for my investment property, which I've been trying to sell for over 2 years now, is late yet again.

I had to work over 12 hours, trying to get a server problem inline. This only made my oncoming sinus infection win and leave me helpless today, home, sick.

On the way home last night, a pickup truck towing a trailer had tie-down straps swinging into my travel lane (luckily not scratching up my car afterall). Hopefully, MSP tracked them down past my exit and made them secure their load properly.

All this, 20 hours before I need to take my precious Tapestry to her surgery tomorrow.

I'm ok - I'll go to the Dr. in a few hours and get some antibiotics, and Tapestry will have her surgery in the morning and feel much, much better. Getting there may be a pain in the ass, but everything will be fine - as she so many times has impressed upon me - the universe will provide.

PS - The picture is of American Idol judge Paula Abdul having a bad day - just for clarification.

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