Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Back That Ass Up!

Ok, so yes - I do love hot asses - and even anime - but that's not the topic of my blog this time. I was just watching some content from Hulu and saw an advertisement for free online backup space. I checked it out, and it actually is a very nice piece of software. You get 2 GB for free, just for signing up, and if you get someone else to join, you both get extra space.

So I'm letting you know that it's a good service - it will download your My Documents, Pictures, or whatever you need backing up every night and not cost you a dime. Your only expense is if you want more space.

So try it out - it's on me.


1 comment:

Tapestry said...


yes Sir

as you wish


Oh, and I'll try the software too.