Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dickhead Move of the Week

Although there was *stiff* competition from annoying, whiny blogster/rumor monger Perez Hilton (why ask that question - did you want to out someone that doesn't agree with you or were you just looking for a handjob, err, handout?), I have to give it to Time Warner cable in a little town in North Carolina called Wilson.

The Wilson city government had gown to TW and asked them for faster broadband access for locals and businesses - they refused, saying it would take too long for them to recoup the expenses (2-3 years). So in the great American spirit, Wilson adapted and overcame.

They ran their own fiber network throughout the town, using municipal bonds and Stimulus money, and now provide 10 to 100 Megabit up and download speeds for less than the standard TW broadband costs. They compare all-in-one packages at $100 for their speeds to the $137/month introductory costs for TW.

So what does TW do? They pressure state lawmakers to make it illegal!

Read all about it here.

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