Sunday, March 27, 2011

iPhone vs. Android

So in February, I bought me and my boss HTC Evo 4Gs to try out Android phones. Little did I know that his mind had already been made up to move to an iPhone, but we were already tied into Sprint and they offered to try the new phones, so we lived with Android for a month. A month later, I bought us 2 iPhone 4s and we got to compare and contrast.

I like both, and they both do a great job of being a smart phone - fast, all the necessary bells and whistles, and plenty of apps from which to pick and choose. The iPhone is smaller and with better (although not great) battery life, but that's because the screen is smaller and uses less energy. Both screens are very clear and very easy to read. They both also do multimedia very well.

In the end, I think I would prefer one of the new Android phones, like the Thunderbolt or the Atrix - they're a generation faster, have expandable memory, and Android is more personalizable. Ultimately, I don't dislike the iOS - it works, and it simplifies a lot of processes.

All that makes sense when you think of their origins - the iPhone is more solid and integrated because you're not dealing with multiple manufacturers. But for that price, you're losing some innovation, since fewer engineers and devs are working to improve the hardware and software.

I like to reward innovation and open standards. But I also need to work within the confines that I live in, and for now, that's the iPhone. I'll live.

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I bet there's an app for that.