Thursday, July 14, 2011


In the time before time, I listened to and even played a lot of jazz music.  I've played piano, electric piano, synthesizer, clarinet, bass and contrabass clarinet, alto and baritone sax, and even a little tenor (although I also wanted to play soprano - never had one).  I cut my teeth on such standards as Channel One Suite, Love For Sale, Caravan, Maleguena, Giant Steps, Chameleon, Birdland, and many others, especially Chick Corea, like Spain and La Fiesta.

Now I just listen to them.  Here's Buddy Rich's Channel One Suite - what some consider the greatest jazz music ever recorded.  I saw Buddy in concert and even though he had a broken foot at the time, still consider him the best drummer I've ever seen - and that includes Dave Weckl, Lional Hampton, Jeff Ballard, and a few others, although I never saw Max Roach, Art Blakey, or Gene Krupa, to name a few.  Buddy was 51 when he recorded this, live in Las Vegas in 1968.

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