Friday, March 8, 2013

Health Problems

So I'm waiting to get the results CD of my chest CT scan and thinking about my health problems and the ways it relates to other issues I have in my life. I can't help but remember back in junior high, trying to convince my mom that it was a little more serious than a tummy ache - it was almost a ruptured appendix by the time I got to a surgeon.

The combination of allergies and asthma have proven difficult to treat at times in a balanced way - my own lack of exercise often contributing to the problem. Today I'm getting checked for a suspicious cloudy spot on one side of my lower lungs as well as some enlarged lymph nodes that could be infected.

I would like to think that this would bring me to a revelation or some new self discovery, but real life doesn't always work that way.  My wife likes to say that the universe provides.  I guess I've turned more pessimistic, or have always been and am now just more accepting?  Who knows.

Oh well, too many thoughts and too little coherence - more hydrocodone.